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Hello and welcome to Escape Roleplay! We are a serious roleplay server that has relaunched. We have come a long way and spent a lot of time in the FiveM communities and know what's its like trying to find a new home. For some it's even rough starting off in a new experience of roleplaying. We want to make this place your home. We help to build connections and make friends with the great people in the community while offering an thorough layout for experienced RPers. EscapeRP has plenty of role-players in the city from social role-players: some play characters that you could see working their normal day shift as taxi drivers, news reporters or mechanics, while others are law enforcement officers who combat the black market criminals every day. We are a close knit community that makes sure everyone's voice is heard.

We focus a lot on having fun but also keeping the RP strict. If you don't have the same mentality then maybe this city isn't for you! If you want a serious and realistic feel to your experience then you have found the right place. We focus on valuing your life, as if someone would in real life. Sometimes, however, we want to Escape from our real lives. Have you ever wanted to become police officer? Be someone who can fix any bike or vehicle in the city? Or be a lawyer who can get even the slimiest criminals out of jail time?

You could also be a speed junkie and get your kicks from burning rubber and the smell of gasoline and nitrous. From retro cars to sports cars, we have a lot to choose from. You hear there is a local car meet is going down and you want to show off your new car? Your local tuner is going to love it because he's probably going to be there. Most likely you'll pull up to see some people jamming and showing off their cars and telling you their story on how they built them. Racing is nothing new in this city. In fact, behind the red tape it's almost encouraged. Don't be surprised either if someone is throwing in some bets on it.

What if you wanted to earn a quick buck and were so sick of your nine to five that you wanted to make a name for yourself and make money outside of the law? Money is there to be made. There are clubs, bars and a casino to push your "wares" and people to recruit into your "business." The only person you have to keep an eye on is you and the person at your back. EscapeRP is here to let you combat the mundane. Sometimes we all need to Escape.

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