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Jonathan Fox

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Username: saltytaco

Have you read our server rules and do you understand them?: Yes

Your age (IRL): 23

Your Timezone?: EST

Discord Username?: saltytaco#6258

Do you stream on any platform? No

Would you like to be a Independent Journalist or Weasel News Independent Journalist

What does respect the parameter mean? Staying a safe distance away from the police when they are on a crime scene and obeying the laws like every other citizen during filming.

There is a police chase in progress. You are in your van trying to get coverage of the chase. Explain the process of you doing so? I would grab my partner and tell them to record in the passenger seat while I headed towards the chase. Keeping a large distance between us and the cops so we can safely film without interfering with the scenario.

You have some great footage of a bank robbery showing good evidence of who the person might be. What do you do with the footage? I would consider all angles of the situation before releasing the footage. I could track down the criminal and tell him to give me a percentage of the cut or the cops will see the footage, I could take it straight to the police, or I could make it clear to the criminal world that I'd never send this kind of footage for some street cred so I can secure insider info in the future.

You get a report of a crime and you arrive on scene before the police what's your approach? I'd approach the scene cautiously so I don't interfere or alert with the current scene. Depending on the location I would set up in some bushes, climb on a rooftop, or hide in some garbage and peek over through an alleyway. Whatever spot I can safely get in for the best shots.

You have a quiet shift on a day where there isn't much reporting. What do you do to pass the day? There's a lot of things to do when there isn't much reporting. I could invite local rappers into the studio for paid recording sessions, interview local business owners, go to the street and find some info, or use the green screen room to make new segments for the show.
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