Read and understand our rules! Its on you if you break them.


Escape 2.0 Community Rules & Guidelines​

By becoming a part of this community you are obliged to report any exploits/rule breaks you’ve witnessed/been informed of. To become a part of our community/play on any of our servers you must be over the age of 18.

General Rules-
  • Age Requirement for Whitelisting: 18+
  • A working, good quality mic is required.
  • Your character needs to have a somewhat realistic name, and must not break TOS.
  • Players must follow Terms of Service (TOS) at all times. Click HERE to view them.
  • Being toxic, or breeding toxicity in any platform (this includes twitch, reddit, discord, etc) can have you removed from the community at any point in time.
Player Reports and Bans-
  • These can be posted on the forums or submitted to staff via a ticket in discord. Staff will still need the ID of the person who is suspected of breaking a guideline or rule.
  • Staff will also actively enforce community rules and guidelines without reports.
In order for staff to enforce rules without reports, we will need the players ID, which can be gotten by pressing the HOME key or typing /report with a short message of the issue.
  • When making a report to Staff via Discord please do so with the following criteria:
    • Video evidence with at least 2 minutes before the incident and two minutes after.
    • Visual confirmation of the accused players server ID (as stated above, press the HOME key to attain this)
    • When opening a ticket be calm and collective, explain the issue, the player you have an issue with and clearly explain the rule you believe the player has broke
    • We are not hear to deal with petty arguments, if you fail to present the above requested information and instead choose to have a mud slinging match, your ticket can and will be closed
In-Game Information-
  • Stay in character at all times [A]:
    • In the event there’s an issue, completely role-play out the scenario and player report if needed. Do not break character / inform the player they are breaking a rule in-game.
    • Do not do actions in game in order to bait others into breaking roleplay.
    • /OOC usage [A]:
    • OOC Chat is restricted to RP stopping technical issues only and is for things that cannot be handled in a support channel through discord.
  • Server Restarts [A]:
    • Roleplay shouldn’t be stopped or become less serious before a restart; it should continue as normal.
  • Loot boxing [A]:
    • Looting any player without much roleplay presented for them is prohibited.
  • Metagaming [D]:
    • Purposely using or relaying information that your character did not learn in-game (Twitch Chats and Discord Channels included) to shape in-game roleplay.
  • Power gaming/Fail RP :
    • Using means not actually in-game to gain an advantage or not attempting to fit in to the world in a sensible way:
      • Talking/Organizing/Calling out locations while downed.
      • Finding the quickest way to make money, rather than roleplaying around the mechanic.
      • Avoiding the use of “Put in vehicle” command. Escorting people while in vehicles.
      • The use of /me and /notes should be used as much as possible to help aid your scenarios.
      • Driving at unrealistic speeds with no character reason over and over.
      • Government employees not obeying road laws.
    [*]Random Death Match(RDM) & Vehicle Death Match (VDM) [B or C Depending on the Situation]:
    • Attacking another player/group without any story/roleplay leading up to it.
    • Attacking another player/group using a Vehicle with the intent to kill/knock them out without valid reasoning or initiation.
      • Speed (100+) attacking other vehicles (Ramming).
    [*]New Life Rule (NLR) :
    • If you are downed and respawn at the hospital your character forgets the immediate events leading up to being downed in the current scenario. You may not respawn if you’ve been advised that police or EMS is on the way to your scene.
    • You must try and contact medical help of some sort while incapacitated.
    [*]Multiple Characters(from the same player) in one gang/group) :
    • This is not allowed. In general, try to avoid creating multiple characters involved in the same story/scenarios and could use the same information to push their goals.
    [*]Not Valuing Life (NVL) :
    • Not realistically fearing for your life when you are threatened with weapons or severe harm from other means.
    • Having non-spontaneous shoot outs at PD or hospital is not allowed.
    • Antagonizing gangs/police or armed individuals for no character reason.
    • Players should not be inserting themselves into ongoing situations or shootouts, between two groups or one group and the police.
    [*]Criminal Activities :
    • Criminal activities are limited to 8 players max at a time.
    • Relaying information to or between characters (lookouts, radio communications) counts you as part of that scenario.
    • Choosing shootouts/grinding over role players is not acceptable.
    • Whenever characters are brought into police custody and a second group of four is formed to attempt a prison break or transport break, that second group is not allowed to intervene until the prison transport begins. Doing so with small weapons or an unthought out plan is also NVL.
    • You are not allowed to smuggle items into jail, unless you are participating in a jailbreak.
    [*]Basic Decency & Respect [Class system is enforced depending on the situation]-
    • While our goal is to foster a roleplaying experience free from constraints, we realize we have a duty to protect all members of our community regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.
We strive to create an environment; a community that promotes a welcoming atmosphere to all members; a community that its members can be proud to say they are a part of.

ESCAPE 2.0 takes a hard stance against any derogatory terms or actions against its members.
We will enforce a strict code of conduct within our community and act on items that are distasteful, for example: sexual harassment, excessive name calling or shaming, disrespectful attacks a on personal level, etc.

At the end of the day, we are all here to enjoy a world outside of the one we live in. We are here to ESCAPE to a world where we can create a new life with amazing experiences.
Simply put, respect one another; have justification and reasoning for your actions. Simply saying “it’s my character” will not be considered a valid response.
Staff is always here to help with any matters or issues that arise no matter how big or small.

    • Combat Logging :
      • Intentionally quitting or disconnecting from the server to avoid in game consequences such as.
        • Avoiding arrest
        • Avoiding interaction with EMS
        • Avoiding interaction or defeat when in a roleplay situations with other civilians or criminals

We are all the Escape Community.

Class Information-
Note these are only baselines; each situation is different and will be handled accordingly to the issues presented.
Class A - 1 Day Ban
Class B - 3 Day Ban
Class C - 7 Day Ban
Class D - Perm (Can apply for an unban after 30 Days)


Continued disregard of these may result in being banned from the community.


  • When creating a character you are not just putting a name on a model. Also consider:
    • What are the personality traits of your character? Shy or confident? Hard working or lazy?
    • Give your character some strengths and weaknesses and think about how your character would react to things based on those traits.
    • What is the background for this character? Where do they come from? While this doesn’t have to be very detailed putting some thought into this will make it easier to role-play the character. Remember to stick to these character traits! You’re playing the life of this character so their experiences should let your character evolve. Let the consequences of your actions have an effect on your character.
    • Your character can’t be all things or involved in everything. If there’s something else you’d like to try out consider creating another character and building a story up to it. Example: A character shouldn’t be a Lawyer-CEO-Gangster-Psycho-Rambo who tries to be involved in all of the criminal groups.
    • Multiple Characters(from same player) in one gang/group:
This is not allowed. In general try to avoid creating multiple characters involved in the same story/scenarios and could use the same information to push their goals.

    • Be mindful about how you try to enter on-going scenarios and story lines. You can interact with people to see if an opportunity shows itself but don’t just show up out of nowhere trying to impact or steer a current storyline if your story hasn’t led up to it. Example: A couple of characters are involved in a story line where they perform a job or own a business and then another character shows up out of nowhere and kidnaps one without and leads up but just to antagonise them or what they’re doing.
    • Once your character has reached or failed to reach their goals it might be time to consider this character’s story is coming to an end. Perhaps consider other new characters you might want to play.
    • Permadeath: A player may decide that events in their character’s story have led towards the character being dead for good.
      • The death of a character can have a big impact on not only its story, but the stories of the characters connected to it.
      • If your character is downed and you decide it’s time for it’s permadeath, all you need to do is roleplay the scenario out with EMS when they find you.
      • You may use the /me command to give the EMS/Doctor characters the right indicators. Example: “ /me has no pulse.” leading towards “ /me has died due to their injuries.”
      • Players are not allowed to bring back characters after you have roleplayed out a death of the character.

    • During their time on Escape a player will get to interact with characters from all walks of life. From government officials and law enforcement to small business owners and various types of criminals. The goal is for players to provide each other with an immersive experience and add to each other’s stories.
    • With EMS:
      • If you are downed (by accident or a victim of a crime) you must wait for police or EMS to arrive. When help arrives both sides should strive to provide good quality roleplay for each other. EMS will act in a professional manner during the situation and the civilian will roleplay out their injuries to the best of their ability. Use of /me to provide extra information of vitals and injuries is encouraged
    • With Police:
      • Police will behave in a professional manner towards the public and each other while the public will provide a base level of respect you’d generally give police. Be mindful of when in police custody, and provide info through the use of the /me command for police to use in their investigations.
      • When a player is downed or put in handcuffs by police they are considered being in police custody. Once in custody the current crime or pursuit scenario is over and switches over to an arrest/investigation scenario.
      • During an arrest/investigation scenario friends of the person(s) under arrest may no longer interfere and civilians not needed for questioning or involved should leave the area.


  • Here are some things to consider when making a criminal character.
    • Build Up and Pacing: don’t just rush in to be a master criminal on day one. Let your character make connections and learn how crime works in this city before making big moves like robbing banks or taking on potential rivals
    • Constant Robbing aka chain robbing is not allowed each robbery has to have some creative and planned process this can lead to a ban


(Corruption is NOT ALLOWED in any way shape or form!)
  • Criminals should be mindful of the attention from police their actions may generate. Give yourself enough time between your crimes for things to cool down. You should expect to get more police attention, longer jail times/fines, and investigations if you repeatedly commit crimes in a small time frame.
  • Criminal Hierarchy:
  • Eventually your character may learn or come in contact with the structure of the criminal world. All criminals had to work their way up in this structure at some point and this climb can be a very important part of their story. Making connections in this world will help evolve your story.


  • While some organisations and criminals may work together from time to time conflict is expected. Territory, resources, consumers, and power will drive many of these conflicts. Conflict and cooperation both help make stories interesting. Make sure to have good amounts of both. Avoid large alliances that never allow for conflict.
  • War Machines,Big Spoilers,Reverse Shooting out of a vehicle with a (small or no back window) is a straight BAN no exemptions


  • The setting for our storylines is the State of San Andreas and the counties within it. It’s a state made up of several million people with your characters being a sample of the people in it.
  • While your characters may vary depending on what you prefer the State of San Andreas will act and should be treated as a realistic state. A lot of the balance for a character may come from this. Example: If a player decides to make a psycho killer and go on a spree the player should expect this type of character to be short-lived and once caught to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


  • Game Mechanics:
    • Players should not be using in game mechanics for blatantly unintended purposes just to gain an edge or activities which don’t produce any story based roleplay. Example: Using the carry mechanic or shooting each other with tasers for no reason in the past.
  • Players who earn Priority:
    • These players are to be held to a higher standard than regular players in terms of roleplay, being leaders, and story creation/progression if you want priority, create RP for others, not yourself. You can achieve this role/status by showing the community how you conduct yourself, creating storylines and events that involve more than just your close circle of friends


  • Players may take pictures with their phone using the emote. They may record using a camera. The camera may pick up audio if the player is in range to hear the audio (not through walls/glass etc).
Multiple Characters(from same player) in one gang/group:
This is not allowed. In general try to avoid creating multiple characters involved in the same story/scenarios and could use the same information to push their goals.

Please be aware that these rules and guidelines are subject to change. It is your job as a member of the community to keep up-to-date on this information.

Thank you from all at Escape 2.0 and we hope you enjoy your stay.
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