New Businesses On The Rise As The City Grows




New Businesses On The Rise As The City Grows

As the city grows, it's only common sense that small businesses will start to pop up. This is absolutely the case for business owner Chip Biscut. He now owns (in partnership) the Davis Mega Mall, I've been told to expect all types of goods being sold there, groceries, fast food, and even tools! Not only has Biscut acquired the Mega Mall but also a lovely Italian restaurant on Strawberry and Atlee

Expect a full review of the restaurant very soon.


This is a small dealership and garage that has been abuzz lately. It is not uncommon to drive by and see up to 5 cars at a time all waiting to get their cars repaired or perhaps even purchasing a new one. They recently have opened up a raffle for a Maibatsu Sunrise R, one of the most sought-after, rare cars in the city. Each raffle ticket is $2000 and the winner will be announced in the coming days. I was told the value of the car was upwards of $80,000 so if I were you I would hurry on over and get a raffle ticket.

Written by John Wilson, Weazel News
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