LSPD conducting illegal raids - GSF vs LSPD

Illegal raids, missing warrants, a confused judge, and angry citizens.


Report by: Jonathan and Leona Fox
Article by: Leona Fox


Mid-day June 9th, 2021 a series of tweets were sent out claiming that the LSPD had been conducting illegal raids on local residents in the South side of town. Pulling up to the LSPD we found a group of young men having a conversation with several police officers, questioning the legality of said raids. These men, known for their involvement in the GSF claim that the officers, specifically Cpl. Petrova (formally known as Lt. Petrova), demanding entry to their residence under the authority of a warrant. A warrant no one can currently provide and a warrant Judge Burns has no awareness of. After the confrontation held at LSPD our news crew caught sight of a SWAT van exiting the departments garage, we followed close behind. SWAT arrived back at the apartments the GSF currently resides in for a second raid.


As this second raid was coming to a close our team was called back to LSPD where Judge Burns would be releasing a press conference, answering questions for the public. During Judge Burns’ press conference, he stated that he had written a warrant 15 minutes prior, allowing officers to enter and search the homes in question, immediately we were able point out the time discrepancies regarding when the warrant was written and when the first raid took place. When confronted about the initial raid Judge Burns was unaware one had been conducted prior to him writing a warrant. Few members of the GSF were present at the press conference and had the opportunity to question Judge Burns, but we believe their passion and frustration came through while conversing with the puzzled judge



Judge Burns wrote the warrant for the second raid due to suspicions of the notorious gang involvement in a bank robbery that occurred earlier in the day. Word of mouth says that the non-existent warrant for the first raid was actually prepared, but never signed, confirming that it was indeed an illegally performed raid. After speaking with Cpl. Jack Stark (formally known as Sgt. Jack Stark), we found out the officers responsible for this mess have been demoted and given suspensions. Cpl. Stark was placed on a four-day suspension, Cpl. King (formally Sgt. King), was also placed on a four-day suspension, and of course the man of the hour, Cpl. Petrova, was placed on a seven-day suspension. Outside sources tell us this was a much-needed relief and demotion of Cpl. Petrova, but not the only one who may need some discipline in the LSPD. At the end of the day there was a small justice for the people of Los Santos, but will it be the end of the CORRUPTION we hear so much about?

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