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Basic Controls:


Middle Mouse Button while in vehicle to open car menu


F1 Wheel is used alot for interactions,from job to even decorating your house and corner selling. You can also give people your contact number from here inside the interactions tab


  • Inventory: Tab
    • Quick dropall: Right Click
    • Move: Left Click
    • Hotkeys 1-5
    • Keep an eye on your weight on the top left if you are over weight you wont be able to carry any more items
    • Hands are also a way of using items just drag the item and drop on the hands
    • Be careful when buying stuff always keep the number on 1


Hold LeftAlt for interactive target you can change personally by going to settings/keybinds/fivem to fit your preference

Skybox Commands: [press T for skybox]

  • View player information: ~
  • Emotes:/em
  • Walk styles: /em
  • Emote bindings: /em
  • Phone: M
  • Toggle VOIP range: pageup
  • Toggle vehicle door locks: L
  • Toggle vehicle ignition: K
  • Toggle vehicle hazards: Backspace
  • Toggle cruise control: U
  • Radio: Q or Mousewheel
  • X puts hands up
  • B puts on seatbelt or points if on foot
  • Shift G to push vehicle
  • CTR: to use NOS
  • Caps Lock for radio [can be changed in settings named as bicycle sprint]
  • Shift LeftAlt to tackle people
Use /e <emote> to perform an emote,

Stop emotes with /e c or {Delete}

Essential Commands:
/report <message> - Sends a message to any support in-game
/ooc <message> - Sends out of character messages to people in your proximity

Other Commands:
/311 - Sends a non-emergency message to dispatch
/911 - Sends an emergency message to dispatch
/bed - Gets in/out of the nearest hospital bed
/e <emote> - Short for emote
/em - Open the emotes menu
/walk <walkstyle> - Set a walkstyle by name
/em - Open the walkstyles menu
/hood - Open/close the hood of a vehicle
/job shows your current employment
/trunk - Open/close the trunk of a vehicle
/getintrunk - Get into the trunk of a vehicle, alternative commands: /hideintrunk, /escort - Escort a nearby player
/steal - Search the closest person's inventory
/carry - Carry somebody over the shoulder
/givekeys [id] - Gives the keys of a vehicle to somebody
/givecash [id] [amount] - gives cash to closest player
/cash - shows how much cash you have
/hat - toggle helmet/hat on/off
/glasses - toggle glasses on/off
/mask - toggle mask on/off
/shirt - Toggle shirt on/off
/pants - toggle pants on/off
/movieon - toggles cinematic bars
/movieoff - toggles cinematic bars off
/hud off - toggles hud off
/hud on - toggles hud on
/id - shows your citizen number
/thouse - emter traphouse
/roll [# of dice] [# of sides] - roll a die
/ads - toggles first person when ads
/xp to see all skills attributes

DOJ Commands:
/fine: ID of player and ticket amount
/impound [price] - send a vehicle to the depot
/fullimpound - confiscate vehicle
/eped - examine injured ped
/rped - revives injured ped
/radar/F5 - toggles radar
/cuff - cuff player
/unjail [id] - unjail someone
/unflagplate - put a vehicle unmarked
/extra [1-10] - vehicle extras
/flagplate - mark a vehicle
/bodycam - is a item but to turn on
/bodycamoff - turn off bodycam

news reporter or selling hotdogs the rest of jobs are mainly F1 wheel

News reporter keybinds
/newscam - Toggle camera. Must be signed in News job
/bmic - Toggle boom mic. Must be signed in News job
/newsmic - Toggle hand mic. Must be signed in News job
/hotdogs - sell hotdogs

The robbery system is item based. Find out what items are needed to break into something and use them to begin the robbery.

You can make an application for a business and post it on the forums or in our discord and staff will review it.
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