JayTheChocobo News/Journalist Application


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Username: JayTheChocobo

Have you read our server rules and do you understand them?: Yes

Your age (IRL): 20

Your Timezone?: Pacific Standard

Discord Username?: ChocoboJay#0468

Do you stream on any platform? https://Twittch.Tv/chocobojay

Which would you like to be? Weasel News Journalist

Please define: "Respect the Perimeter." Respecting the perimiter of a story, either a physical police barrier or a metaphorical perimiter of a scene

You are in your van, and want to get a good news scoop. You notice that there is an active police pursuit, that you think would be a good scoop. What would you do in this scenario? I get ahead of the pursuit and capture a long shot of the chase, try to follow to the scene to the arrest, capture footage of that, interview an available officer. asking him/her what the initial stop was about. and how they felt about how they handled the situation.

You gather and possess amazing footage of a bank robbery. What will you do with said footage? I would surrender any and all footage to local PD. as its evidence for a crime. and then write my story

You arrive to the scene of a crime before the Police. What do you do? I record everything, get as much information as I can. while maintaining a safe distance. letting the police know that I have footage and details to turn over at a later time.

You are in the city, and notice that there isn't anything exciting going on. What will you do to pass the time? I look for community stories to tell. I would love to finally write my review on Burgershot, or prepare for the night club opening tonight.


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I Like this. Will get you sorted, when we are on at the same time!
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