Deputy Chief John Locke Passes Away


Deputy Chief John Locke Passes Away


Attendants of John Locke's funeral

Deputy Chief John Locke of the LSPD passes away. Officers and civilians alike showed in mass to attend his funeral. Speaking to an officer I was told that the entire LSPD is stricken with grief and is severely missing Locke and that it will never be the same without him. "He was a good man" spoke one Officer. I myself had spoken to John Locke on a few occasions about some articles that I was writing and he always seemed very cooperative and open to speak, I didn't really know him but he seemed like he truly cared about the community he swore to serve. I'm sure the LSPD will carry on his legacy and make sure his death was not in vain.

Asking an officer for a statement on the cause of death I was told in respect to the fallen officer the cause of death is not available information to the public, although speaking with a source of mine there has been rumor of alleged foul play but nothing yet has been confirmed. The city will be in mourning for a period of time but with the combined strength and will of the people, I'm sure they will move past this and continue to grow.

Rest In Peace John Locke

Written by John Wilson, Weazel News
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