Chain Robberies in San Andreas


Over the last few days, a series of robberies have taken place throughout the city-state of san andreas. And while the los santos police department have released very little information on the matter due to It being an ongoing investigation, employees of local businesses, such as Amber King, a crew member at Burgershot, says that she witnessed at least 4 robberies in 1 day.

"They were just here for one not too long ago"
She explained

Lspd has stated that the motive only seems to be
Financial, and that they don't expect any physical harm To come to local citizens.

"I myself have done the paperwork on 2 of the suspects Robberies"
says lieutenant dobermann.
"We are looking through our database to find matches
To fingerprints recovered at the scene, and should
Hopefully have a warrant out for his arrest soon"

* this is an ongoing story*

Written by, Jay Blue, Weazel News
Contact me: 5556321813
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