Biscutino's Review

Owner: Chip Biscut
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
My first encounter with Chip Biscut and his Italian Eatery Biscutino’s was actually a day earlier than the visit of this article, but when given a chance to return as a representative of Weasel News… I quickly jumped at the opportunity. The first time, I was brand new to the city and starving when I saw Chips Ad for delivery. Not having a car and wanting to visit the establishment, I offered Chip a deal. Come pick me up and bring me the food, and I will buy a lot. He quickly agreed.
After a short wait, Chip rolled up in a mini and I hopped right in. We exchanged pleasantries on the way there and I got the impression that Chip was a citizen of good standing in the community, as well as a Sergeant in the BCSO. Owner of multiple businesses, he really seems to be a rising star and one to look out for in the future.
The second visit was quicker, as I had already gotten a good feel for the place. I walked in and really took the time to examine my surroundings. The tables were beautifully set and Chip himself manned the counter. The temperature was exactly right, I felt like I was Chip’s dinner guest, instead of a customer. I ordered the Spaghetti & Meatballs and learned of a special he runs: A $5 discount per item when you buy 10 or more of anything! Water has a similar deal, but with a smaller discount.
The Spaghetti was amazing! Filling me almost entirely up, it's an amazing deal at $40 a piece (or $35) and I highly recommend it! When I asked what their most popular item is he responded that it’s the other special: The $50 Fill Up. A Large Pepperoni Pizza and 5 bottles of water. I can see why it’s the local favorite, $50 and you are completely filled AND hydrated? You should absolutely take advantage of this amazing new Italian Diner and get yourself some great food at a great value!

Written by, Xavier McCloud, Weazel News
Contact me: 5554246916

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